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904l stainless steel sheet

Product Model:

Product Features:

Applications of Stainless Steel Sheet: 1. Building applications a) Column covers b) Elevator doors c) Escalators and moving walk cladding d) Ornamental and decorative cladding e) Hotel entrances f) Architectural trims and accents g) Telephone booth h) More

Product Introduction

 Home fixture applications:

    a) Kitchen appliances

    b) Cabinets

    c) Doors

    d) Mail boxes

    e) More

Industrial fixtures applications:

    a) Medical instruments

    b) Electrical products

    c) Refrigerator

    d) Hardware

    e) More


Stainless steel material available from a century ago. Thanks to its 100% recycled, corrosion resistance, free maintenance, durable, clean, and other features, stainless steel has become from a manufacturing tableware to build Bridges, to produce energy and medical equipment and other hard durable products ideal material

Stainless steel is a production which not easy rust,acid resistance and corrosion resistance,so it is widely used in light industry,heavy industry,daily necessities and the decoration industry.my company long-term supply stainless steel products including:stainless steel sheet,stainless steel coil and stainless steel tube


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