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Stainless steel common surface treatment process, sincere will be for you to share

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  Stainless steel surface treatment of a variety of methods, such as: electroplating, anodizing, sandblasting, painting, passivation, pickling, degreasing degreasing, rust and so on. Three common stainless steel surface treatment processes are as follows:

  1, stainless steel passivation

  The process that the recommended surface must be iron free. The presence of stainless steel particles on the surface of any iron, cast iron, mild steel, medium carbon steel or low alloy steel will promote pitting on its surface "free" iron and stainless steel. This is a very serious problem, so passivation is only used to treat stainless steel and stainless steel. The main purpose of stainless steel passivation is to prevent oxidation and corrosion of stainless steel surfaces.

  2, stainless steel pickling

  The purpose of the stainless steel pickling treatment is to remove the scale of the stainless steel surface after high temperature welding, heat treatment or hot working. But also can eliminate the red rust corrosion of steel or iron or steel particles contaminants. Please note that if the acid is not cleaned after pickling, the surface will soon begin to rust and corrosion. Resulting in a decrease in the corrosion resistance of the underlying steel surface layer.

  Stainless steel pickling process can be applied to all 200,300,400 series of stainless steel surface treatment. All pickling operations cause the metal surface to remove impurities while slightly changing the size, so the result is to a certain extent that a extinction of the visual brightness may also be a significant reduction in size.

  Heat treatment in vacuum or a good controlled atmosphere, such as bright annealing, eliminates the need for pickling, which usually results in a better finish of stainless steel.

  3, stainless steel cleaning agent degreasing degreasing

  Stainless steel surface treatment Any of the pre-treatment of a process must first remove grease, cutting fluid, drawing compounds and other lubricants, etc., before the stainless steel parts can be carried out before the surface heat treatment or the final passivation treatment. The stainless steel member must also be subjected to degreasing prior to further assembly by welding to prevent the pickup from being at high temperatures.

  In general, the use of stainless steel cleaning agent (No. CA-Q03), only need to soak at room temperature for 1-8 minutes to remove any oil, simple operation, low labor intensity, can be used repeatedly to effectively reduce production costs. With other metal cleaning operations, the cleaning rate can be increased by using brushing, spraying or stirring during the operation.

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