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How to judge the reasons for rusty stainless steel plate? And the solution?

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  Stainless steel plate As the name suggests is the first impression is not rusty steel plate, so once the rust problem is more serious quality problems, but the secret of a sparse, stainless steel plate environment will seriously affect the composition of the material changes , Making the corrosion resistance of stainless steel decreased, there will be rust generated. There are many kinds of stainless steel rust produced, some are slightly rusty, some with the stains of the dots, and some are large areas of rust and so on, then how to determine what causes these conditions How to prevent rusty stainless steel?

  In general, the rust generated, because the plate in the transport and the factory process, the rain was wet, and then penetrate the rain in the bag, the resulting part of the phenomenon of rust. For this kind of rust, you can directly use anti-rust paste to spread some maintenance can be, no matter about the quality of the material itself.

  For the rust of the dots, most of them are due to environmental problems. For wet and dark environments, the corrosion resistance and oil resistance of stainless steel plates are reduced. For example, the use of 201 stainless steel plate is easy to produce point-like rust, and the point of the rust may be more and more.

  A large area of rust generated by the technical staff within the investigation can determine what the reasons, do not rule out the quality of the problem. The surface of the raw material peeling or the phenomenon of the surface of the trachoma, it is easy to lead to rusty surface of the plate.

  So we buy stainless steel plate, try to choose a brand of stainless steel plate, and allow suppliers to provide genuine quality assurance, so as to ensure the quality of stainless steel plate stability.

  Stainless steel rusted how should we do?

  First, the use of stainless steel environment requirements, and need to always wipe, remove the dust, keep clean and dry.

  Second, the available nitric acid concentration of 30-40%, brush about 5 minutes after the clean water, the temperature will be better, but not more than 70 degrees.

  Third, if the area is not large, rust is not serious, you can use five clean powder try, easy to use. Mild rust, fear of friction, you can use a soft cloth dip toothpaste rub, but also play the role of polishing.

  Four, many immoral dealers shoddy. You want 304 he gives you 201 you want 316 he gives you 304 (a little moral), or even 201. I suggest you go to test what to do the spectrum, to understand. If found fake, should be a positive rights.

  Here to remind the majority of customers intention to buy stainless steel plate must choose a formal, qualified, large-scale steel trade, do not seek cheap, because of small loss. In addition to the time to buy again to be careful, how to buy back after the maintenance, maintenance, to prevent rusty stainless steel is also critical.

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