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Factors affecting the service life of stainless steel fittings

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  In the process of using stainless steel pipe fittings, we are not all ignore the life of stainless steel pipe fittings? In fact, stainless steel pipe fittings can only have the correct use and maintenance, or can extend the service life, stainless steel spot supermarket network to provide you with professional relevance Knowledge, you can make it easy to extend the life of stainless steel pipe fittings. There are five factors that affect the service life of stainless steel pipe: the working pressure in the pipe, the ambient temperature and the nature and temperature of the fluid medium, the pipe diameter and wall thickness, the pipe connection method and the pipe fittings, and the piping system. If not strictly in accordance with product standards, in the short term may not be a problem, but after a period of use may cause damage due to significant losses. Therefore, according to the transmission medium, medium temperature, pressure, connection method, the linear expansion coefficient of stainless steel pipe, anti-oxygen ability, wall thickness, price and other factors for stainless steel pipe fittings, pipe comparison.
  In this case, the tip end of the tap is required to be short, but the end face may have a negative effect on the use of the tap. Tape end grinding short before and after the taps and the workpiece can be seen the relationship between the surface of the short side of the taper screw thread can not be properly into the hole, but by the end into the hole, thus affecting the use of tap function. In the steckel mill, the history of the thermomechanical history of the stainless steel stamping elbow pipe is significantly changed, especially in the production of micro-stainless steel stamping pipe fittings, which will strongly affect the degree of recrystallization, grain growth and Precipitation, and lead to the entire stainless steel stamping elbow pipe length on the ultimate microstructure and function of the dramatic changes.
  When grinding must be to maintain the original geometric shape of the front guide, it is best to use the tap grinding machine grinding. The best way to solve the long taper base is to customize the base of the shorter tap according to the specific requirements of the thread to be machined.

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